InstaCam is a new social media sensation which allows you to broadcast your most unexpected and precious moments at the click of a button. You can share these live videos with your InstaCam connections from the instacam network, or you can choose to broadcast to the entire world. You can share the live video links via email, sms or social media.

InstaCam will strive to continuously improve the user experience, while adding new features on a regular basis. The InstaCam network is growing fast, and soon, you will be able to participate in the growth of the product by visiting our upcoming 'Careers' section.

One of our planned projects involves introducing a 'Plugins' section where users can find a variety of cool features that can be enabled on top of our Live video framework.
Instacam is built on top of the Multitek Solutions Inc. Streaming Platform (MSP):

Multitek Streaming Platform

The Multitek Streaming Platform (MSP) provides rapid live video streaming integration for websites and mobile applications. An MSP license allows you to host your own MSP platform and manage your own streaming servers.